Sunday, August 2, 2015

...reaching the Golden Gate, San Francisco!

Difficult to find the right words today, just full of thoughts & emotions in reaching the end of a very long road.

After a 120 mile sun drenched ride from Jamestown to the outskirts of San Francisco a brief turn in the support car to cross a stretch of 10 lane Interstate across the main traffic bridge into the city. 

Riding along the Embarcadero (the Eastern waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco) edging closer to the Golden Gate Bridge was, unsurprisingly, full of mixed thoughts, the end of the longest, hardest most painful & toughest challenge yet. Reaching such an iconic landmark that, from the outset seemed so far out of reach, brought that added specialness in bringing to a close such a long and, at most times, painful journey - but at the same time marking a big moment in knowing that this particular long road had finally come to an end, maybe a Golden Gate of arrival!

So, to everyone involved, individuals and businesses that have supported, sponsored and followed along the way and now very much part of the journey my biggest thank you, something that is easy to say but that truly means a lot, reaching San Francisco was for everyone connected to this challenge!

The aim of TransAm was always to raise awareness and funding for the UK children's charity Action Medical Research, to bring to life the stories of Alfie and Aiden, and to help continue a long history of support in finding breakthrough cures into illness and disease that affect babies and children.
And finally, from me... anyone who has ideas with purpose the chance meeting with the lady back in Ohio seems to capture it all in a few, beautifully simple, words... 

'' your own story more''

....and a last thought, looking out towards the Golden Gate bridge....

''into the unknown is where the magic lies''

And finally, a very big thank you to this guy, 
,James Myers 23 years old, for the support and commitment before and during TransAm and whose  support in the US with driving, planning, organising, good humour and constant support was without fault or compromise, the only way to get through such a challenge is teamwork, proof that young age is no barrier to responsibility, incredible! 

We both took on this challenge at our own personal risk, working on it for the past six months, sticking with it through the hard times and low points on the road - the good thing is that we both came out of it safely and still smiling!

For Action Medical Research and all of the good things that come out of their work...

....the end!

(..and also the beginning!!)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

very short film clip Yosemite California

very short film clip due to limit on upload capacity

....a few miles into Yosemite, one handed!

Friday, July 31, 2015

...carried by the light through the gates of paradise, Yosemite

Very short update, very long day and very late here in California.

Rode out of Tonopah this morning for just under 100 miles of more flat desert roads, lets leave it there for the time being, more detail and photo's to add when more time is available.

Around mid day, riding the very long Alpine like ascent of the Tioga Pass towards the gates of Yosemite National Park, the next 50 miles (distance through the park) was like being carried by a new found light through the gates of paradise, these are not just words for effect. This is quite possibly the most uplifting, atmospheric, stunningly beautiful 50 miles of road ever ridden, these are the days or moments when you feel alive, truly alive. I felt privileged and truly blessed to be able to ride here, and also to be the only person on a road bike in the entirety of this national park. I don't mind admitting again that, held back, were a few tears of joy to get this far and to ride through such a uniquely beautiful place, at times it was easy to forget that you were on a bike and still in pain.

I have so much to add about today but now truly exhausted (and desperately need to sleep), I will add more tomorrow. We are in Jamestown California and within 130 miles striking distance of San Francisco, after illness, agony, pain and everything that crossing such a vast landscape can throw at you the aim is to bring this incredible experience to a close tomorrow afternoon....the end of a challenge that was so, so incredibly harder than ever expected, facing into everything that was thrown at you from the first moment. You have to choose not to give in.

A few photo's until tomorrow.......

very short film clip 4 Yosemite

very short film clip due to limit on upload capacity

riding through Yosemite (one handed descent!)

very short film clip 3 Yosemite

final short film clip riding through Yosemite, would like to upload longer film clip but limited by upload capacity

Riding through Yosemite was one of those moments when you feel truly alive, incredible!

very short film clip 2 in Yosemite

another short film clip due to upload capacity

riding through Yosemite.....

very (very) short film clip in Yosemite

very short film clip due to upload capacity limit:

at roadworks in Yosemite, priority and preferential treatment over motor vehicles, personal escort from Pilot Control car through the control!